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Spotlight Series

The BHMA Spotlight Series is a video platform for BHMA members to share their experiences participating in initiatives within the association. Each new addition features a new speaker and topic to help bring to light all of our member's latest activities.

Name: Justin Crotzer
Title: BHMA 2nd Vice President
Series Topic: Getting Involved with BHMA
Video Date: May 2023
Description: In this edition of the Spotlight Series, Justin Crotzer shares how he became involved with BHMA - and why you should too.

Name: Mark Berger
Title: BHMA CGIA Chair
Series Topic: BHMA and School Safety
Video Date: January 2023
Description: Mark Berger discusses how BHMA is involved in school safety and how students can feel empowered and safe while at school, in this edition of the BHMA Spotlight series.

Name: Lori Greene
Title: BHMA Marketing & Communications Chair
Series Topic: BHMA Codes In Context
Video Date: November 3, 2022
Description: Lori Greene discusses the details of a new initiative for 2022, the BHMA Codes In Context Series, in this edition of the BHMA Spotlight series.

Name: Tim Weller
Title: BHMA 1st Vice President
Series Topic: BHMA Secure Home Program
Video Date: August 19, 2022
Description: Tim Weller details the ins and outs of BHMA's residential hardware arm, the Secure Home program. Learn how the program came to be and what's new in residential standards.

Name: Mark Bloom
Title: BHMA President
Series Topic: Upcoming & Future BHMA Initiatives
Video Date: April 27, 2022
Description: Mark Bloom shares some of his insight on current and future initiatives and activities within the association.

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