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A156.1 Butts and Hinges
A156.2 Bored & Preassembled Locks and Latches
A156.3 Exit Devices
A156.4 Door Controls – Closers
A156.5 Cylinders and Input Devices for Locks
A156.8 Stops and Holders
A156.9 Cabinet Hardware
A156.11 Cabinet Locks
A156.12 Interconnected Locks
A156.13 Mortise Locks
A156.14 Sliding and Folding Doors     
A156.15 Release Devices
A156.17 Self Closing Hinges
A156.19 Low Energy Doors
A156.21 Thresholds
A156.22 Door Gasketing and Edge Seal Systems
A156.23 Electromagnetic Locks
A156.24 Delayed Egress Locks
A156.25 Electrified Locking Devices
A156.26 Continuous Hinges
A156.29 Exit Locks, Alarms
A156.30 Hi-Security Cylinders
A156.31 Electric Strikes and Frame Mounted Actuators
A156.33 Battery Locks
A156.36 Auxiliary Locks
A156.37 Multipoint Locks
A156.38 Low Energy Sliding and Folding Doors
A156.39 Residential Locks and Latches
A156.40 Residential Deadbolt

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To certify or update certifications to other BHMA standards, or to find out when all other certification will be entered into the new directory, please contact us directly: bhma@kellencompany.com

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