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Labeling Compliance

Understanding the importance of using certified builders hardware is only part of what industry professionals and consumers need to know. It’s also essential to know how BHMA protects the integrity of the certification program and that they can trust when a product says it is tested to ANSI/BHMA standards.

BHMA is the registered owner of the BHMA Certified® mark, BHMA Certified Secure Home™ label, and the ANSI/BHMA 156 standards. BHMA has the legal right to address matters of misuse (improper or incorrect use) and misrepresentation (deliberate or unintentional misstating of facts to dishonestly obtain business) as deemed necessary.

Companies can promote their product certification using the BHMA Certified mark or the BHMA Certified Secure Home label in the following ways:

  • On a certified product’s packaging
  • Where a certified product is mentioned in a brochure or catalog
  • In a news release featuring a certified product
  • On print and online promotional materials for a certified product

Use of either the BHMA Certified mark or the BHMA Certified Secure Home label should always be in accordance with the General Guidelines for Use.

BHMA Certified Mark Guidelines for Use

BHMA Certified Secure Home Label Guidelines for Use

Avoiding Misleading Products

Some of the most frequent claims of misuse reported to BHMA are instances where BHMA’s certified product branding is being falsely displayed, or vague language and soft phrases are used to falsely imply that a product is BHMA Certified without saying it directly.

If you’re ever unsure about a product’s certification, remember that products legitimately certified by BHMA will always be listed on BHMA’s Certified Products Directory (CPD). Check out our infographic, Identifying a BHMA Certified Product, for a full list of ways to ensure a product is BHMA Certified and how to avoid misrepresented products

‎Reporting Misuse and/or Misrepresentation

BHMA staff investigates each reported claim and follows up as deemed necessary. When additional follow-ups are necessary, they may include phone calls and even cease and desist letters. Here are the steps taken when misuse is reported.

  1. An instance of misuse/misrepresentation is discovered or reported via email. Reporting includes a sample of the misuse/misrepresentation, which is forwarded to BHMA headquarters.
  2. BHMA reviews the incident and takes necessary action (phone call, email, formal letter, etc.).
  3. The incident record is updated.
  4. BHMA staff ensures steps to resolve the misuse/misrepresentation are followed through.

Details of any investigation remain confidential. However, reporting on misuse claims is communicated annually to membership.

Contact BHMA about Misuse and/or Misrepresentation

Instances of misuse/misrepresentation should be sent to BHMA staff via email and should include a sample of the misuse/misrepresentation you wish to report, as well as the company that is responsible. All report sources will remain confidential.

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For complete listings of BHMA Certified® Products, view the BHMA Certified® Products Directory (CPD). The listings in this directory are performance-oriented standards having cycle, operational, strength, security, and finish test requirements.

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Participate in the BHMA® Certification Program by voluntarily submitting a hardware product to independent laboratory testing to confirm that it fully meets the criteria of the appropriate ANSI/BHMA® standard.  This industry-wide certification program does not call for a manufacturer to be a BHMA® member in order to certify its products.

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