BHMA® History

BHMA® was originally founded in 1925 as the Hardware Manufacturers’ Statistical Association (HMSA), with volunteer management. HSMA’s primary function was to gather and distribute statistics. As a result of an expanding membership and mission, the 1960’s brought change to the organization. It was in 1962 that the Association was officially recognized as Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA®). Today, more than 80 percent of all manufacturers of builders hardware in the United States are BHMA® members and, together, these companies produce the vast majority of hardware used in the nation’s commercial and institutional buildings. BHMA® has authored more than 40 commercial and residential standards and sponsors ANSI/BHMA® certification programs to help assure the life safety and security for the industry and for homeowners.


The updated and redesigned BHMA Certified® Products Directory is launched. The newly automated program enhances the speed and productivity of all user groups and is more detailed, accurate, consistent and searchable.


The BHMA Certified® SecureHome Label program is launched to help consumers and residential builders purchase products that have been tested and certified to stringent ANSI/BHMA® standards in three areas most important to today’s homeowners: security, durability and finish.  As part of the program, the website is introduced to help consumers to purchase BHMA Certified® residential locks and deadbolts.

BHMA® receives approval from ANSI to publish the industry’s first dedicated residential lock standards — ANSI/BHMA® A156.39-2015 Residential Locksets & Latches and ANSI/BHMA® A156.40-2015 Residential Deadbolts. Both standards establish performance requirements for products used in single and multi-family dwellings, including durability, strength and finish.

In collaboration with a coalition of North American manufacturers, BHMA® works with UL Environment to establish the first Product Category Rule (PCR) for builders’ hardware.
Standards at a Glance are redesigned into single-page documents and renamed “Hardware Highlights.”

BHMA Certified® Products Directory
moves online and increases its search-ability options.

BHMA® logo is registered as a product label.

BHMA® commits resources to monitoring the development of model codes and safety standards used in the design, building and compliance process.
BHMA® begins publication of Standards at a Glance, a quick, complimentary reference of ANSI/BHMA® certified product standards.

BHMA Certified® logo is approved.

BHMA® establishes the first third-party certification program for builders’ hardware, eventually launching the BHMA Certified® Products Directory for locks, exit devices, door closers, electromagnetic locks and hinges.

BHMA® institutes the Award of Excellence program. For more on this program, click here.

BHMA® begins joint meetings with the Door and Hardware Institute and becomes a participating association in sponsoring Hardware Industry Week and the National Hardware Show.

BHMA® Board of Directors elects to publish standards for outside consumption with the stipulation that they are first approved by ANSI.

BHMA® is officially incorporated in the state of New York.

BHMA® is accredited as leader in Architectural Hardware Standards.

First standard is published under BHMA® imprint (BHMA® 101 for Butts and Hinges, followed by BHMA® 201 for Cabinet Hardware). These standards are offered at $1.00 each.

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) becomes the vehicle for BHMA® to obtain consensus recognition of its standards.

Launch of BHMA® standards.

First official year of name change from HMSA to BHMA® (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) and first release of BHMA® Member Directory.

1941 – 1945
During America’s involvement in World War II, HMSA plays a pivotal role in the allocation of strategic materials: it was through association representation that materials were distributed to hardware manufacturers. After WWII, HMSA returns to its original task of gathering and distributing statistics.

BHMA® is founded with volunteer management as the Hardware Manufacturers’ Statistical Association (HMSA).

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For complete listings of BHMA Certified® Products, view the BHMA Certified® Products Directory (CPD). The listings in this directory are performance-oriented standards having cycle, operational, strength, security, and finish test requirements.

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Participate in the BHMA® Certification Program by voluntarily submitting a hardware product to independent laboratory testing to confirm that it fully meets the criteria of the appropriate ANSI/BHMA® standard.  This industry-wide certification program does not call for a manufacturer to be a BHMA® member in order to certify its products.

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