Upcoming Enhancements to the BHMA Certified Products Directory

December 27, 2018
To All Participants/Applicants in the BHMA Certified Products Directory (CPD):
BHMA would like to inform you about an exciting new development in the advancement of the Certified Product Directory. Several enhancements in the BHMA Certified Products Program will be implemented over the next few months which are going to require action on the part of the participants/applicants. These changes will result in improvements in several areas: a more detailed, user friendly and searchable CPD; a more attractive and useful website; and helpful features such as reminders when testing is due.
We are now well into the development of the database and the other aspects of the project are moving along as well. A major part of the transition involves transferring all of the listings from the existing .pdf formats to the live database. This transfer is expected to begin early next year, and you will be notified in advance and provided necessary information to make the changeover. For continuity during the transition, the existing CPD .pdf format will be maintained for a period of time.
In preparation for this new initiative, all participants/applicants must verify that the existing information going into the CPD is up to date and in compliance with the terms of the BHMA Licensing Agreement and Operational Manual dated May 2017, in particular we draw your attention to the obligation to update as noted in paragraph 19.5. It will be important for you to verify that your listings are not to older versions of the Standards than would be allowed based on the Standards revisions and follow-up testing that should have occurred. Therefore, in preparation for the transfer, all participants/ applicants are being asked to perform necessary testing and update listings by June 30, 2019. After that date, noncompliant listings will be blocked by the new system, and removed manually from the current directory.
BHMA is pleased to introduce this new program and anticipates participants/applicants and users alike will benefit from this progress. Expect continued communications to be forthcoming. Please forward your questions to Larry McClean at bhma@kellencompany.com.
Best wishes,
Ralph Vasami, BHMA Executive Director