Top 10 States for Transportation Terminal Construction - June 2014

(from Reed Construction Data)

Top Ten States for Transportation Terminal Construction - June 2014


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With 177 transportation terminal projects valued at more than $12 billion, California ranks number one for the construction of airport, train, subway and other forms of terminals. Florida follows California with 112 projects and Texas is third with 81 projects. Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia, New York and North Carolina all rank in the top ten as well.
While the District of Columbia, South Carolina and Maryland do not have enough projects to put them in the top ten in terms of project count, these states are investing in few, but expensive projects. The District of Columbia is second in terms of project spending with over $ 7 billion invested in terminal construction. One of the large ongoing projects in Washington, D.C. is by Amtrak at Amtrak Union Station, which was the largest upcoming terminal construction project for April. More than $5 billion will be spent on terminal construction in South Carolina and $3.3 billion in Maryland. One of the projects in Maryland is subway train stations in Baltimore for $1.8 billion. Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, Texas, Montana and Colorado also rank in the top ten according to project spend, respectively behind Maryland.