BHMA Award of Excellence Winners


Each year, BHMA presents its award of excellence to a distributor or
hardware professional, who is not a member of BHMA, who has
demonstrated excellence in representing the needs of architects,
contractors, users, and manufacturers through their abilities to:

- Promote specifications to architects
- Accurately take-off and schedule projects
- Promote high quality products
- Properly service contractors and end users by understanding the product’s attainability, function, and intended usage 
                        BHMA Award of Excellence Winners 1989 - 2016           

            1989               Shirley Henry                        Builders Hardware & Supply

            1990               Val Montgomery                    Montgomery Hardware

            1991               Paul Selden                           Atlantic Hardware

            1992               Donald Poe                            Cleveland Vicon Company

            1993               Ben Matney                           Matney Builders Hardware

            1994               Richard Barnhard                    Builders Hardware Corp.

            1995               W.D. (Bill) Basnight                S.H. Basnight & Sons

            1996               Jerry Ladd and Dave Dupuis      Colorado Doorways

            1997               Beverly Vigue                        Swingin’ Door, Inc.

            1998               Mark Tew                              Contract Hardware Inc.

            1999               John R. Picciotti                      Architectural Hardware Co.

            2000               Michael Martin                        Martin Architectural Products, Inc.

            2001               Mr. George Thurner, III             BSH

            2002               Mark Hallgren, AHC                 The Hallgren Company

            2003               Ken and Tom Orihel                 Akron Hardware

            2004               Ken J. Metzler, AHC                 LaForce Inc.

            2005               John Simon                           General Supply Company

            2006               George Boomer, Jr.                 Twin City Hardware

            2007               Rex E. Newcomer                    D.H. Pace Company

            2008               Matt Chabot                           Norwood Hardware & Supply

            2009               tie: Hal Breliant                     LaForce Hardware

                                   Tom Rubright/ Bill Trimble      William S. Trimble Co., Inc.

            2010               Ken Riches                            Beacon Metals and Hardware

            2011               “Mac” McCray                         Wespac Corporation

            2012               Leon Wolfley                          Island Pacific Distributors, Inc.

            2013- 2014       John Bell                              Bell Hardware

            2015               Kerry Kirby , AHC, FDAI           Architectural Division 8, Inc

            2016               Dave Borgmeier, FDAI             Schiller Architectural Hardware